The Benefits of Tutoring: How Tutoring Helps Children

The benefits of tutoring are many, and a good tutoring program can have a significant impact on your child’s academic success. Children who are struggling to keep up in school can catch up to their peers with some extra help provided through tutoring. In fact, children doing well in school can also benefit from the one-on-one attention and skill practice to help solidify the concepts they are learning. Below are some of the known benefits of tutoring:

One-on-One Attention

Even the best teacher will have difficulty addressing the individual needs of every student. It is easy for your child to get lost in the shuffle when the teacher is faced with multiple academic needs, behavioral issues and limited time. If your child is struggling to keep up, his regular classroom teacher cannot possibly give him the individual attention he needs to catch up to grade level. Despite their best efforts, classroom teachers simply have limited resources and time to be able to fully meet the individual needs of every student. Tutoring provides your child with one-on-one attention to meet their academic needs.

Tailored to the Individual child

Children have different learning styles, and tutoring provides your child with a program tailored to her style and needs. Good classroom teachers try to address different learning styles with their teaching methods, but your child will realize greater benefit from an individual program. This individual approach is particularly helpful for children with attention difficulties or learning disabilities. When your child receives instruction in a way through which she learns best, the odds of success are much higher.

Extra Time

The school day may seem long, but with multiple subjects being covered in the same day, it is unlikely the time spent at school is sufficient for learning. Only a relatively small fraction of the day can be devoted to each subject in a typical classroom. If your child is struggling, tutoring provides extra instruction and practice that cannot be provided during the school day. Even if your child is doing well, he/she can benefit from the extra practice needed for complete knowledge.

Build Confidence

Tutoring will help build your child’s confidence, as he is able to learn the skills and tools he needs to do well in school. Your child’s academic performance will improve, resulting in greater self-esteem. Your child will feel more confident as he masters difficult skills. This improved confidence will benefit your child both academically and socially.

Improved Academic Outcomes

Tutoring will lead to improved grades and better academic outcomes. Your child may be able to catch up to grade level requirements fairly quickly, benefitting from the individualized approach that comes from tutoring. Children who are significantly behind or who have learning disabilities can catch up to their peers with the right educational approach. As your child’s skill mastery and confidence grows, she will begin to enjoy school and develop a lifelong love of learning. Tutoring will have long lasting benefits on your child’s future academic success.

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