Dicker Reading Method Tutoring by Topic

The Dicker Reading Method can help any child or adult at any reading level. More importantly, our reading tutoring programs encourage and teach a love of reading and learning. Your child’s self-esteem, confidence and grade levels will soar!

For parents, we offer a variety of programs to help students. Please review our reading tutoring topics below and a grade-level appropriate tutoring program is availabel for each!

Reading Tutoring by Topics 

Middle School Students Will Significantly Improve Their Ability To Read And Comprehend:

More difficult books in every subject area
English novels
Science textbooks
Social Studies textbooks
Reference books

High School Students Will Significantly Enhance Their:

Critical reading skills in all academic subjects
Preparation for college entrance exams
Vocabulary and word meaning- the highest predictor of reading comprehension
Advanced inferential reading comprehension skills
Ability to summarize
Ability to outline main points
Ability to use study materials
Ability to read Science and Social Studies texts
Mastery of writing and spelling skills
Mastery of SAT skills

This Educational Breakthrough Will Dramatically Improve:

Reading achievement • Vocabulary development
Reading comprehension • Fluency • Phonics
Grades • Confidence • Self-esteem
Reading enjoyment • Focus and Concentration

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