8 Reasons You Should Invest in Individual Tutoring Services near You

Parents want the best for their children. This has led some parents to look into the option of individual tutoring services. Here are some of the benefits that come with it and why every parent needs to invest in it.

1. Small student teacher ratio

Children will get to benefit from undivided teacher attention when they are tutored individually. The teacher has a smaller group of students to focus on which means that they are in a better position to notice everything significant. This means that it will be easier to keep track of the strengths and weaknesses of your child’s reading. You are likely to notice which areas to emphasize and which areas to nurture. This will increase the confidence of the child because the teacher is able to notice their unique needs and address them accordingly. In the Dicker learning center, we focus on only one student at a time because each child is unique.

2. Great teacher-student match

Individual tutoring is a great way of ensuring that your child is paired with a tutor that can make a difference in their lives. The flexibility that comes with this allows parents to make changes any time they want to because they can always monitor the reaction of their children whenever a new tutor comes in. Your child needs to be comfortable around the tutor for them to perform well academically. This flexibility is something that is not provided in school.

3. Your child gets extra review

Teachers have limited time to go through your child’s work when in school. However, one-on-one tutoring makes it easy for the tutor to put in more time to review your child’s homework. This way the teacher can put more time and effort in the areas that the student is struggling thus encouraging improvement.

4. Assistance is given

Your tutor will help your child with reading homework. Sometimes the teacher gives assignments ahead of a topic. This can be discouraging to some students especially those that are a having trouble reading. This is an area that a tutor can assist.

5. Test practice

There are students that struggle with testing. Individual tutoring sessions will make such students gain confidence and get rid of the anxieties as reading is the foundation of all learning. You can help your child develop examination taking skills easily when you hire a personal tutor for them.

6. Time saving

Your time is valuable. Tutoring is an excellent solution for parents that have busy schedules, especially when they are trying to help a child who is a struggling reader. There is no better way to give time excellent help than hiring a tutor.

7. Innovative teaching methods

One-on-one tutoring services allows teachers to be innovative in their teaching. This means that a teacher can experiment with a technique they feel will be more effective. This may be a challenge when in school where acceptable procedures have to be followed. Dicker Reading Method has a one of a kind kind reading tutoring method.

8. Great and safe environment

When teachers have the freedom to teach one kid at a time, then they can go out of their comfort zone and are better able to help students with individual reading problems.

In the end,individual tutoring services offer an excellent solution for every person. Students get to maximize on learning, teachers give their best and parents can rest easy knowing that their kids are in safe hands without having to pressure themselves. To get your kid enrolled, get in touch with us today!

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