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We hope that you and your family are staying healthy and safe

Dicker Reading Method has been a part of our community for over 35 years. It was with saddened hearts that we had to temporarily close our doors due to the COVID-19 quarantine requests. We love the students and families who come to our learning center. It brings joy to our hearts to watch our students transform from struggling readers to vibrant and enthusiastic readers.

That is why we have developed and deployed our same great proprietary Dicker Reading Method program that has significantly helped over 10,000 children learn to read, on Live Online Tutoring. Using the amazing technology available today and the same wonderful tutors our center uses, we can provide an exact Dicker Reading Method learning experience over the internet.

We encourage you to call us at 888-701-7323 to schedule a time to discuss our virtual tutoring sessions. Each student will be assigned to a Live Online Tutor, and using Zoom conferencing, we can schedule tutoring sessions for your child starting immediately.

What do I need to do for an Online Reading Tutoring Session with the Dicker Reading Method?

If you are new to our program, please first discuss with us how the Start Session will go and how your child will be assessed. If you previously had tutoring sessions with our learning center, you will now be doing them from the comfort of your home via Zoom conferencing.

Here are our recommendations for setting up your child for a live online tutoring session:

  • You will need either a desktop computer, laptop computer, Notebook (like Google Chromebooks) or a Tablet at least 9-10 inches in screen size. A smartphone may not be large enough to read text onscreen but it can be tried.
  • Signup for free and Download the Zoom App
  • Place the child in a nice, quiet, distraction free area. Headphones are recommended.
  • Sit the child in a chair with a back so they can sit comfortably, criss cross applesauce style.
  • Keep the room lighting on so that the screen is not the only “light-source”
  • Make sure the child has approximately 1 hour of uninterrupted time. Any distractions will make the job of the tutor harder to break the “cycle of pain” as we call it at the reading center. Focus is key.
  • Your child will need a small pencil or mechanical pencil with an eraser (Make sure to blunt the writing end and please DO NOT provide a sharp pencil) to use as a pointer on the screen.
  • Please no food or drink during the tutoring session.

Who Will Be Doing the Tutoring Sessions?

The same great tutors who work in our reading center will be performing the Live Online tutoring sessions. They are fully versed and trained in the Dicker Reading Method and in creating the virtual experience online.

When Can We Start the Live Online Tutoring Sessions?

Please call or contact us via the contact form to get started. We will be happy to schedule your start or tutoring session.

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    When your student feels confident in their ability to write, feels familiar and comfortable with words and their parts, it will open doors both in school and out, removing the pain and struggle from their school career.


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