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Your Kindergartner can learn to read fluently!

Discover how your child can learn 15-30 words in their first session and then enjoy reading their first book

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We will teach your child 15-30 words in their first session.

Your child will read their first book fluently.

Learn 5 new words in one minute and then be able to read the words fluently in a story – A Miracle in the Making.

We have preschoolers and kindergartners in the program reading on a 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, even 5th-grade reading levels.

With our Kindergarten Reading Tutoring Program, your Kindergarten child will learn to read fluently.

For parents, bringing your five or six-year-old to their first day of school can be a great feeling. Many amazing things will happen during the year they enter kindergarten. These young students begin to become more capable of focusing on tasks for longer amounts of time, and they gain skills that they will use and develop throughout their schooling.

Kindergarten classrooms offer more of a traditional school experience than your child might have been exposed to in preschool. Children in kindergarten learn how to identify alphabet letters and their sounds, as well as read words. It is a very exciting time. However, some children will fall behind, even as early as kindergarten, and it’s not just their grades that will suffer. A child who falls behind may feel humiliated like they’re not as smart as the other kids in the class. For a child, it’s devastating, and for their parents, it’s heartbreaking. Kindergarten is the time that children need to develop a strong foundation for reading, and if this doesn’t happen, it can affect them for the rest of their lives.

Our Kindergarten Reading Tutoring Program will have your child reading totally focused and concentrated

Imagine your child being able to learn to read 15 to 30 words in their very first session. Some students will even read their first book fluently! At the Dicker Reading Method, and the Kindergarten Reading Tutoring Program, your child can get a head start in reading so that when they enter 1st grade, they will already be ahead of the game, able to get the most out of elementary school. Students in our Reading Tutoring Program will love to learn to read. It’s fun, easy, life’s most exciting game, and most importantly, it works! Children in our program are reading on a 1st-grade, 2nd-grade, 3rd-grade, 4th-grade, and even 5th-grade levels.

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Your child will learn 15-30 in their first session and enjoy reading their first book fluently! Results No Other Program Can Match!
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Over 10,000 Success Stories!

  • "On the first day of trying this reading program, Lowden read a book. He didn't just read five words, he read an entire book, which made Lowden feel so wonderful, so great, that he could do this, read this whole book. There was no stopping him from there. He just wanted to keep going and going."

    Fern Charles, Dicker Reading Method Parent
  • "She walked into Dicker Reading Method very skeptical, as I was, and very shy, and I don't even think she would say what her name was to Al. And then, after two hours with Anita and Al, she came out loving to read, she wanted to read, and she hugged the teacher and she seemed happy, very happy, and couldn't wait to get home to see Daddy so she could read her book, her first book."

    Audrey Stejskal A Dicker Reading Method Parent

This Educational Breakthrough Will Dramatically Enrich:

Reading achievement • Vocabulary development
Reading comprehension • Fluency • Phonics
Grades • Confidence • Self-esteem
Reading enjoyment • Focus and Concentration

Through Our Exclusive Techniques Your Child Will:

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Be assessed and placed on their appropriate reading level. 

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Learn 5 words and their meaning in just one minute.

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Develop a fluent reading style, which will support their comprehension.

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Develop the literal and inferential skills to become an outstanding reader

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Develop up to a 5,000 word reading vocabulary.


Solve your child’s reading problem.

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