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Every parent knows that their child would rather do anything but homework. For some children, that comes from being bored, but for others, it’s a sign of a real problem. From word problems in math to writing essays for English class, all homework requires strong reading skills. For students who struggle with reading fluency and comprehension, homework is not just boring but painful, impressing on them, again and again, a sense that they aren’t capable. A child who can’t read the problem or understand the textbook will have a hard time answering questions, framing an argument, or backing themselves up with text evidence. We can help support them in their reading assignments and provide long-lasting homework help for kids.

Here at Dicker Reading Method we will help your kids with their homework, and address the underlying problem: your child’s difficulty in reading. Our program will work with your child to make them a stronger, more confident reader and give them the vocabulary and comprehension skills they need in order to master any homework assignment. They will not only learn to read with greater comfort and fluency, they will be exposed to new vocabulary, be asked to use that vocabulary in written assignments, and learn to back up their answers with evidence. These skills will allow them to excel in school, on standardized tests, and beyond. The Dicker Reading Method will help solve your child’s reading, vocabulary and comprehension problems and, through our homework help program, give them give them a love of learning that will last a lifetime.

When your student feels confident in their ability to write, feels familiar and comfortable with words and their parts, it will open doors both in school and out, removing the pain and struggle from their school career.


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