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Dicker Reading Method: The Best Reading Program For Kids

Our program’s record speaks for itself; we have helped over 10,000 students of all ages, grades, and abilities learn to read comfortably, fluently, and with understanding. Your child will achieve progress they can only dream of, and because each student’s program is tailored specifically for them, we will never leave your child behind. We know that watching a child struggling to read is painful, heartbreaking even, but with the Dicker Reading Method, you can watch your child succeed; we have never failed to help a child in our reading program make tremendous progress in reading. Our reading program for kids is one-of-a-kind; you won’t find results like these anywhere else.

Achieve Years of Reading

Dicker Reading Method achieves 3-6 grades of reading improvement in just one year, or one grade every 4-8 weeks.

Learn 15-30 Words in the First Session

The Dicker Reading Method Pre-K/Kindergarten program teaches kids from 3-5 years old 15-30 words in their very first session. They will be able to read their first book fluently, and quickly advance to 1st-5th-grade reading level while still in Pre-School and Kindergarten.

Shift from "I can't" to "I CAN"

Your child will shift from a frustrating condition of “I can’t read” to “I can read” in their very first session

Powerful Training for Parents

Dicker Reading Method has developed a powerful, transformational parent training course that will train parents to reinforce and nurture their child’s learning

Achieve Results with Any Child

Dicker Reading Method can achieve the same results with any child, even those labeled with a learning disability, ADD, ADHD, or dyslexia.

At the Head of the Class

Dicker Reading Method will bring a struggling student to the head of the class.

Fluency and Comprehension

Dicker Reading Method will teach any student to read fluently and with comprehension.

A 99.9% Success Rate

Dicker Reading Method is a process that can’t fail; every child that passes through our program will make tremendous progress.

Grades, Confidence and Self-esteem will Soar

At Dicker Reading Method, your child’s grades, confidence, and self-esteem will soar as they develop a love for reading and school.

Fun, Easy and Exciting

Dicker Reading Method makes reading fun, easy, and life’s most exciting game. It works!

Our program uses an exclusive technique to teach your child five words and their meanings per minute, in a setting that allows them to become totally focused, concentrated, and “in the zone.” At Dicker Reading Method, your child will learn to recognize words comfortably and naturally, so that when they see them in context they will know and understand them. Your child can read their first book fluently in their very first session, and in a year can make up to six grades worth of reading progress.


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