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Watch as your child achieves up to 6 grade levels in one year!

Daniel, a first-grader, improved 6-grade levels in just 1 year! Watch Daniel read from a 6th-grade text with ease.

We Produce Results

We will teach your child to read better, faster, with greater fluency and comprehension.

Your child will achieve 3-6 grade levels in one year advancing 1 year every 4-8 weeks.

Your child will learn 5 new words in one minute and then be able to read the words fluently in a story – A Miracle in the Making.

Your child’s grades, confidence, and self-esteem will soar as they develop a love for reading and school.

We Will Solve Your Child’s Reading Problem

In first grade, one thing is certain—you’re not in kindergarten anymore. Children in 1st grade move from the world of learning through play to the world of symbols and concepts, and by the end of the year, these 6- and 7-year-olds are expected to be reading grade-level books.

Your child’s experience of building their reading foundation in preschool and kindergarten will determine if your child is labeled an advanced student or left still trying to catch up. It’s normal to see children in 1st grade reading at different levels, but a classroom teacher may not provide all the instruction your child needs. Through our 1st-grade tutoring program, we can help your child catch up to grade level or even jump ahead several reading grade levels.

Is your child making a lot of mistakes on words that look alike?

There are 300 small words that beginning readers make mistakes on because they look alike. (i.e. the th words like there and them, words like where and were, or was and saw.) Every time your child makes a mistake on any of these words it’s like a dagger in their heart and they can’t see the next word. They become unfocused and unconcentrated. If they’re making lots of mistakes on these words, they can’t focus on what the story is about. They end up focusing on how stupid they are and then they don’t want to be there. At the Dicker Reading Method and our 1st grade tutoring program, we help your child to gain mastery over their vocabulary and fluency in their reading, overcoming their past struggles and growing into a confident, joyful reader.

girl words

Does your child:

  • leave off endings  
  • add on endings
  • substitute one word for another
  • hesitate on words
  • not know the meaning of words 

If so, they are not reading to their full potential. Each mistake your child makes distracts your child, destroying their focus and concentration. At the Dicker Reading Method, our time-tested program will teach your child the vocabulary they need and bring them into the learning “zone.” Your child will gain the skills they need to become a strong reader. For the past 35 years, The Dicker Reading Method has developed custom-tailored, one-on-one tutoring programs for children. We have created a proprietary method that will allow your child to learn 5 words and their meanings in 1 minute. Watch as your child’s grades, test scores, and confidence soar as they develop a love for reading and school.

Over 10,000 Success Stories

  • “There is hope--a miracle in the making!...The Dicker Reading Method transforms the feeling of ‘I can’t read’ into a joyful feeling of ‘I can read’. The program improves reading levels three to six years in just twelve months. Program participants, young and old, say they notice a difference almost immediately.”

    CBS News
  • “My son Alex, at the end of the 1st grade Alex knew 17 words and had no self-esteem because he could not read. After participation in the program, he scored in the 99th percentile and tested at a 9th grade reading level in the 2nd grade. Alex now exhibits a strong feeling of self-worth and is currently attending Harvard University."

    Vickie A Dicker Reading Method Parent
  • "My daughter Rachel, a three and a half-year-old, learned forty words in the first session. After four months in the program, she was reading on a second-grade level, qualified for the Gifted and Talented program for kindergarten in New York City, and scored in the 98th percentile. In the first grade, Rachel was reading at a fourth-grade reading level and developed a love for reading and school. Now in the second grade, Rachel is reading on a sixth-grade level and is currently finishing the Harry Potter book series."

    Jennifer A Dicker Reading Method Parent
  • “I’ve represented over 400,000 parents whose children attended the public schools throughout our city. I had a chance to see the amazing results. Children were actually learning to read for the first time. They actually were moving from I can’t to I can. I must say that if you or your child is having difficulty reading this is the program you should really look at because it could make all the difference for your child and your family.”

    Jean DePesa Former President Of The United Parents Association Of New York City
  • "We saw students who experienced failure and frustration begin to enjoy their studies and to enjoy reading. We discovered remarkable increase in reading grades. We discovered that as measured by standardized tests students made remarkable progress when compared to their counterparts. We came to the conclusion that this program is very, very different from others. This is a program is unlike others in that it enforces the success. It generates success.”

    Dr. Phillip Stander Contracted By The Board Of Education Of The City Of New York To Evaluate The Dicker Reading Method
  • "The program is exceptional. It’s powerful. It’s efficient in what it does and it works. It makes the inability to read just another memory"

    Essiebea Program Participant

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Improve 3-6 grade levels in 1 year. Results No Other Program Can Match! Start now with a free consultation! 

This Educational Breakthrough Will Dramatically Improve:

Reading achievement • Vocabulary development
Reading comprehension • Fluency • Phonics
Grades • Confidence • Self-esteem
Reading enjoyment • Focus and Concentration

Through Our Exclusive Techniques Your Child Will:

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Be assessed and placed on their appropriate reading level. 

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Learn 5 words and their meaning in just one minute.

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Develop a fluent reading style, which will support their comprehension.

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Develop the literal and inferential skills to become an outstanding reader

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Develop up to a 5,000 word reading vocabulary.


Solve your child’s reading problem.

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