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From CBS News

“The Dicker Reading Method transforms the feeling of ‘I can’t read’ into a joyful feeling of ‘I can read’. The program improves reading levels three to six years in just twelve months. Program participants, young and old, say they notice a difference almost immediately. There is hope, a miracle in the making!”

Cathy Rigby

Olympic Gymnast/Mother Of The Year/Tony Award Nominee

“Katie fell behind her classmates in reading in the first grade and kept falling farther behind each year. Katie would come home from school frustrated. I tried everything to help her improve her reading, endless tutors, phonics courses you use at home but nothing worked. It seemed hopeless until I found a miraculous reading method. Within five days, Katie advanced an entire grade level in reading ability. I was amazed and I was convinced that every concerned parent in America should know about this remarkable reading system.”

Dr. Phillip Stander

Contracted By The Board Of Education Of The City Of New York To Evaluate The Dicker Reading Method

“We saw students who experienced failure and frustration begin to enjoy their studies and to enjoy reading. We discovered remarkable increase in reading grades. We discovered that as measured by standardized tests that students made remarkable progress when compared to their counterparts. We came to the conclusion that this program is very, very different from others. This is a program is unlike others in that it enforces the success. It generates success”

Jean DePesa

Former President Of The United Parents Association Of New York City

“I’ve represented over 400, 000 parents whose children attended the public schools throughout our city. I had a chance to see the amazing results. Children were actually learning to read for the first time. They actually were moving from I cant to I can. I must say that if you or your child is having difficulty reading this is the program you should really look at because it could make all the difference for your child and your family.”

Dr. Anthony Napoli

Superintendent Of Schools

“I have been involved in education for 38 years. I’ve seen the Program create miracles for students who are not performing well in reading; students who are reading at the worst level, all of the sudden as a result of the program are reading as one of the best readers in their class.”

Robert Farrell

City Council Of Los Angeles Councilman

“I want to acknowledge Alvin Dicker with a commendatory resolution from our City Council in Los Angeles. Alvin Dicker has successfully used his method to teach thousands of children diagnosed as nonreaders and even learning disabled to become proficient even avid readers…What he’s done is more than just make a contribution to men and women and boys and girls; he makes a contribution to the civic life of our community.”

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“The most unusual aspect of the program is the speed at which children learn. Students in the program finish what is normally a half-year’s work in just weeks…Parents are so enthusiastic that some spend an hour and a half driving their children to and from the reading center…Al Dicker stands at the front of a large group of parents and promises in a confident voice: We will teach your child to read. There is absolutely no reason not to.”

Through Our Exclusive Techniques Your Child Will:

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Be assessed and placed on their appropriate reading level. 

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Learn 5 words and their meaning in just one minute.

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Develop a fluent reading style, which will support their comprehension.

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Develop the literal and inferential skills to become an outstanding reader

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Develop up to a 20,000 word reading vocabulary.


Solve your child’s reading problem.

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