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Discover How You Can Take The Struggle Out Of Reinforcing Your Child’s Reading

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We train parents to reinforce their child’s learning in a positive and nurturing way.

Watching a child struggle to read can be painful on many levels. On the one hand, you may be thinking, why can’t I help my child? On the other, why is this happening to me? This is a very real part of the challenge of illiteracy, and at Dicker Reading we want to help you help your child learn to read. If there’s a struggle taking place in your home, we can help you overcome it. The Dicker Reading Method Parent Training Course is truly transformative, enabling you to work better with your child by removing the effort, struggle, and tension that you’ve been experiencing.

Your participation in the Parent Training is not required for our program to work, however, if you participate in our program, you will learn how to reinforce the learning your child accomplishes at the Center, take the struggle out of reading, and help your child nurture a love of reading.

What our parents say!

  • “It’s not really a program just for the children, it’s also for the parents as well, to learn about themselves and how you can help your children be the best they can be, and, frankly, improve yourself and your relationship with your child.”

    A Dicker Reading Method Parent
  • “I was getting frustrated, I didn’t know how to work with him, and then through the Dicker Reading Method I found out that there was a much better way to do it.”

    A Dicker Reading Method Parent
  • “When working with him every day, you could see that after a week or two weeks, his attitude in school was changing also. It was kind of everything that we’d hoped, and, you know, there it was, working for us.”

    A Dicker Reading Method Parent

When your student feels confident in their ability to write, feels familiar and comfortable with words and their parts, it will open doors both in school and out, removing the pain and struggle from their school career.


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