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The Dicker Reading Method can help anyone, at any ability, learn to read.

Imagine your learning disabled child becoming focused and able to concentrate in their very first session, achieving 3-6 grade levels in one year! WATCH VIDEO ABOVE.

We Produce Results

We will teach your child to read better, faster, with greater fluency and comprehension.

Your child will achieve 3-6 grade levels in one year advancing 1 year every 4-8 weeks.

Your child’s grades, confidence, and self-esteem will soar as they develop a love for reading and school.

We Will Solve Your Child’s Reading Problem

Imagine what it must feel like to be a child with a learning disability (i.e. ADD, ADHD, or Dyslexia) who can’t read like the other kids in school. Not only do your grades suffer, you suffer emotionally. You feel humiliated like you’re not as good as the other kids. For a child it’s devastating, and for a parent it’s heartbreaking. It’s why Dicker Reading Method offers Learning Disabilities Tutoring ADD, ADHD, & Dyslexic Children in Westchester, N.Y.

Sometimes it starts as early as the first day of kindergarten. The teacher introduces 5 new words to the class, and during this time, not all students in the class are completely focused. Some might be daydreaming, missing their parents, playing with a toy, and some students might even be absent. But, if the student doesn’t master these words on that first day, they immediately begin to feel that “I can’t read.” The next day, the teacher introduces 5 more new words. What will happen? The child’s feeling of “I can’t read” will only get worse, and unfortunately, the cycle continues over the next weeks, months, and years. The child is then usually labeled with a learning disabilities and placed into a special education class. Without intervention, this painful experience won’t just end itself. That’s where we come in to help break the chain of pain.

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Do you notice your LD, ADD, ADHD or Dyslexic child becoming unfocused and not able to concentrate while reading? Does your child become inattentive or distracted while reading? Does your child become hyperactive or withdrawn while reading? If your child displays these behaviors he or she is not reading comfortably, fluently and with enjoyment and understanding. This is what we address with our Reading Tutoring for Learning Disabled, ADD, ADHD, & Dyslexic Children program. If your child makes other frequent mistakes such as:

  • Sounding words out.
  • Substituting one word for another
  • Hesitating on words
  • Leaving off/Adding on endings
  • Not observing periods and commas
  • Not knowing the meanings of words

It is likely they are not achieving their true reading potential, The Dicker Reading Method can help your child become a focused, fluent, confident reader who can reach their full potential.

The Power of our Learning Disabled, ADD, ADHD, & Dyslexia Reading Tutoring Program

In the Dicker Reading Method, we combine word recognition and focus techniques on teaching any child—regardless of hyperactivity, dyslexia, or nominal learning disabilities—the vocabulary and skills they need to become strong, confident readers. We don’t believe that ADD, ADHD, or dyslexia make your child an inferior learner; these labels simply mean that classroom techniques didn’t work for them. You will never find methods like ours in a traditional classroom, and you won’t find results like ours anywhere else.

Students in our learning disabilities tutoring program, students of every ability level and age, regularly achieve years of reading progress over the course of weeks or months. Our usual rate is 3–6-grade levels per calendar year, but some students can achieve even more. Working with our tutors, and in our Learning Disabled, ADD, ADHD, & Dyslexia Reading Tutoring Program, your child will learn to focus, concentrate, and really read, putting their struggles with learning behind them.

Over 10,000 Success Stories

  • “There is hope--a miracle in the making!...The Dicker Reading Method transforms the feeling of ‘I can’t read’ into a joyful feeling of ‘I can read’. The program improves reading levels three to six years in just twelve months. Program participants, young and old, say they notice a difference almost immediately.”

    CBS News
  • "I first brought Steven, who was labeled dyslexic, to the Dicker Reading Method, when we saw that he was having difficulty learning to read. My niece Hannah had been in the program years before and had made tremendous progress. After just one session, Steven left the Dicker Reading Method reading his first book fluently. We not only noticed an immediate improvement in his ability to read fluently but also in Steven’s confidence and self-esteem. Now Steven is reading on a sixth-grade level. The progress Steven has made with the Dicker Reading Method has been truly remarkable. I highly recommend the Dicker Reading Method to any parent whose child is struggling with reading.”

    Robin A Dicker Reading Method Parent
  • “He was at a low reading level and the teacher felt that he had ADHD and when he started the Dicker Reading Method he started doing much better, even the teacher was impressed - soon after she did a reading evaluation with him and my son Nicholas tested in the 97th percentile.”

    Roberta A Dicker Reading Method Parent
  • "Darius, a 7th-grader, was in special education labeled with ADHD. In 6 months, he went from reading on a 4th-grade level to a 12th-grade level and was able to master words, the meaning of words, and comprehension! After scoring in the highest percentile on the Secondary School Admissions Test (SSAT), he was pleased with being admitted to 9 out of 11 of the nation’s most competitive engineering programs, or what his mother, Donna, calls “an 81% acceptance rate, thanks to the Dicker Reading Method.” Darius chose Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) because it was the best for him and because their motto attracted him, which is: Why not change the world?"

    Co-Op City Times
  • “My daughter was labeled learning disabled.  She would come home frustrated, crying, feeling like kids were teasing her. She felt like there was something wrong with her. When I came to this program and I brought her there, she just blossomed. She went from starting out in the 3rd grade to a 10th grade level in a year and half, that’s 8 grades in a year and a half. She excelled so much. She learned more in a year and a half than she did in the 10 years that she was at regular school.”

    Mona A Dicker Reading Method Parent
  • “Before I started this program, when I was in class I would hate to get up and read because I would stumble on words, I would skip words, and mispronounce them, and I would feel embarrassed that kids were making fun of me, and I would just hate reading...And now, I don’t care what people think, I read because it makes me feel good and I feel that I’m improving a lot...I’m reading much better now, I don’t skip words, I don’t mispronounce words as much as I used to.”

    Catherine Dicker Reading Method Student who is labeled at ADD

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Improve 3-6 grade levels in 1 year. Results No Other Program Can Match! Start now with a free consultation! 

Our Elementary School Breakthrough Will Dramatically Improve:

Reading achievement • Vocabulary development
Reading comprehension • Fluency • Phonics
Grades • Confidence • Self-esteem
Reading enjoyment • Focus and Concentration

Middle School Students Will Significantly Improve Their Ability To Read And Comprehend:

  • More difficult books in every subject area
  • English novels
  • Science textbooks
  • Social Studies textbooks
  • Reference books
  • Encyclopedias
  • Dictionaries

High School Students Will Significantly Enhance Their:

  • Critical reading skills in all academic subjects
  • Preparation for college entrance exams
  • Vocabulary and word meaning- the highest predictor of reading comprehension
  • Advanced inferential reading comprehension skills
  • Ability to summarize
  • Ability to outline main points
  • Ability to use study materials
  • Ability to read Science and Social Studies texts
  • Mastery of writing and spelling skills
  • Mastery of SAT skills

Through Our Exclusive Reading Tutoring for Learning Disabled, ADD, ADHD, & Dyslexic Children Program Techniques Your Child Will:

icon grad

Be assessed and placed on their appropriate reading level. 

icon stars

Learn 5 words and their meaning in just one minute.

icon book

Develop a fluent reading style, which will support their comprehension.

icon books

Develop the literal and inferential skills to become an outstanding reader

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Develop up to a 15,000 word reading vocabulary.


Solve your child’s reading problem.

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