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Watch Daniel, a 1st-grader, reading on a 6th-grade level.

At The Dicker Reading Method, we are committed to helping your child be the best they can be. Today, children are entering a highly competitive information society. They are now required to be avid readers and must have an expansive vocabulary in order to succeed. Starting in the 4th grade, in addition to knowing how to read words, your child has to know their meanings. That is why the 4th grade is where marginal illiteracy begins. If your child doesn’t know the meaning of a word, they will never use it in writing and won’t ever speak it. Your child will become wholly limited.

Examples of vocabulary words beginning at the fourth grade level:

  • Feeble: weak
  • Contribute: give to
  • Circumstances: condition
  • Derive: come from
  • Aptitude: proficient
  • Insinuate: hint at
  • Intricate: complicated
  • Blithely: happily
  • Consternation: great dismay
  • Taciturn: speaking very little
  • Phlegmatic: sluggish
  • Litigious: quarrelsome
  • Apocryphal: false
  • Inauspicious: sign of failure
  • Reticent: reserved in speech

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Watch Daniel, a first-grader, learning advanced vocabulary

Schools are not introducing a sufficient amount of vocabulary words for your child to succeed. The teacher will put up 10–20 new vocabulary words on the blackboard each week and ask the children to look up the definitions; a child goes to the dictionary and may not be even able to read the word or the words in the definition. The child is confronted with 5 synonyms they don’t know the meaning of in 5 different contexts, while only getting 1 repetition. No one learns anything with only 1 exposure. So the word is learned only to be forgotten.

Think about it, if your child is being introduced to only 20 new vocabulary words per week, that means between 4th grade and 12th grade they will learn less than 3,000 words, which is equivalent to a 6th grade level of vocabulary development. Your child needs to be introduced to 20,000 vocabulary words in order for them to be the best they can be in the world. Using The Dicker Reading Method’s exclusive word recognition techniques, your child will learn 5 new words in one minute and accomplish 3–6 years of reading vocabulary improvement in just one year. Watch as your child’s grades, test scores, and confidence soar as they develop a love for reading and school.


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