The Importance of Vocabulary For Kids

Humans use language to describe their feelings, express their intentions and understand the ideas of other people. It is a skill that people take for granted, yet as a parent, you have the privilege of watching this amazing language growth occurring from birth through your child’s early years.

Everyday children are exposed to their environment and language. They begin by copying sounds unique to the language they hear at home. This is called Phonemic awareness. As they grow, they begin to understand that these sounds when strung together form words. For instance, the sounds m, ah, m, and me  refer to “mommy.” By twelve months, they begin to form the association of words with “things,” attaching meanings with their vocabulary.

Children with rich vocabulary are able to learn fast, express themselves and  think more deeply. From their first conjugating sentences to longer (such as “my cookie” or “pick up” ) to well thought-out phrases, your child is learning on multiple levels. The sounds, words and meaning of those words forms the foundational basis for their continuing education.

When a child enters school, and begins to learn to read, they are exposed to a many words. It is important to link those words with meanings to form a rich vocabulary.

Why a Rich Vocabulary is essential for your child’s success?

  • It provides your child the ability to confidently say what she or she means, they can express themselves as  they share their opinions and ideas.
  • It helps your child to communicate in a more engaging way. Rich vocabulary can boost the power of persuasion in your child.
  • It strengthens your child’s ability to think more logically and interpret ideas from others. By having a rich vocabulary, she or she can share their own ideas and grasp ideas from other people.

To get started, below are some effective ways to boost vocabulary for kids, from playing word games to naming household objects.

Some Effective ways to improve your child’s vocabulary:

1. Play Interactive Word Games

Scrabble isn’t the only word game you can play with your child to improve your vocabulary. There’s also Hangman, Boggle, Apples to Apples, in addition to smartphone app games, such as Word Stack, 7 Little Words, and What’s the Word. Your child can easily play these games on your phone either in the car, while you’re waiting in line at a store, or while you’re at home.

2. Let Them Tell the Story

Instead of reading a bedtime story to your child, you should have them read it aloud or have both of you take turns. Nevertheless, it’s a perfect way to increase your kid’s vocabulary and reading skills with a fun, simple activity.

3. Incorporate “Big” Words in Normal Conversations

Just because your child is learning their vocabulary doesn’t mean that you can’t start incorporating “big” words into your conversations with them. Instead, simply encourage your child to ask what the adult words you use mean and how they can add them to their own vocabulary.

4. Talk to Your Child More Often

Your child will absorb every word or phrase they hear. This is why it’s so important to talk frequently to your child. Similar to telling them stories, it’s crucial to their vocabulary that you talk aloud about activities you are doing. Conversing with your child frequently will allow offer them more words to hear, learn, and understand.

It’s important that your child develops a strong vocabulary to better understand, read, and communicate. This is why it’s crucial that parents do everything they can to help their kids learn and understand new words and the meanings behind them.

Children develop at their own speed. The essential thing is to balance and respect their vocabulary needs so that learning does not become a struggle for them and they enjoy it. If you are looking for an effective and easy learning method for your child, get in touch with us!

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