5 Things to consider when hiring a reading tutor for your child

All parents want the best for their children. It is the responsibility of a parent to ensure that his/her child can get acquainted with kids learning programs. Children have different needs. Children may learn at different speeds or require more repetition. The parents should identify the category that their kids fall into before looking for the alternative. Finding a reading tutor for the child is one of the alternatives.

Finding the right reading tutor for the child is not an easy exercise. When searching for a tutor a parent should consider some key factors before entrusting ones’ child to a tutor. We have highlighted some of the important things to consider below:

1. Results

There are many tutors available but their effectiveness can vary. Most apps and games are not effective in teaching young readers. They are more like games. Tutors can vary in experience and effectiveness. You should seek a developmental tutor like Dicker Reading Method for your child. The method we use is designed to be effective, developmental and done in such a way that it cannot fail. We love that we have helped over 10,000 students learn to read and announce our results with pride.

2. Cost vs. Value!

There are many tutor agencies all over the country currently. Costs for tutors can vary greatly. While is is important to consider the cost of your tutor, you should also consider the value of hiring that tutor. An investment in your child, especially at an early age, can have great benefits for their future. The value of the tutoring should be considered versus that benefit. Is your child is showing improvement? A love for reading or succeeding or excelling in school? Programs like the Dicker Reading Method show immediate return on reading and the value of it’s developmental programs are critical to ongoing success.

3. Experience

Being able to interact and provide children with a nurturing learning environment is critical. Not everyone has the ability to teach and interact effectively with the small kids. Children with special needs also need a patient nurturing environment. When sourcing for a tutor, therefore, a parent should hire one with experience in the field. Experienced tutors can relate well and understand the needs of a child with ease.

4. Reliability

The hired tutor should be reliable. A parent should hire a tutor that he can rely on to teach the kids without tampering with their privacy and needs. Of late, there have been reported cases of tutors manhandling the kids. Parents hiring tutors should, therefore, hire tutors who can be relied on to take the kids without any abuse whatsoever.

5. Qualification

A tutor hired must be qualified. He/ she must be qualified to teach the kids on both the skills and reading comprehension tips. It is prudent for any parent who needs the services of a private tutor to check the academic credentials and qualifications before hiring one. In this case, the parent will be able to hire a tutor who is qualified for the job. Qualified tutors can produce the best of the kids.

In general, hiring a private tutor is highly encouraged. The parents should consider the needs of their children before hiring one. Children with special needs can require a tutor to teach and mentor them. With many tutors in the market, every parent should consider some key underlying factors.

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