How Online Reading Tutorials Benefit Kids in Times of Crises

The world is in the grasp of one of the worst crises anyone could ever imagine. 91% of the world’s student population has been affected by this COVID-19 pandemic. What can you do for your children to preserve their reading skills and encourage it further? Perhaps it’s time to think about online reading tutorials for kids more closely.

91% is a debilitating percentage. Students are losing months and months of instructional time. And though states across the country have slowly begun opening up again, all can agree that staying home and staying safe is the better option to try and stem the spread of this critical virus. But what do we do about kids and their journey through reading and learning?

All can agree that the need to keep children learning during any crises is important. Studies have shown that interrupted education not only stops learning, but also triggers students losing those hard-earned skills acquired while they were in school, socializing with classmates, interacting with their teachers.

Technologies like radio, television, and the internet all have leverage to simulate a consistent learning experience, even while the children stay home.

This begs the question, “Is now a good time to invest in online reading tutorial programs?”

How Online Reading Tutorials for Kids Preserve Learning

Thanks to the internet, the world is now a much smaller place, and most things we see are only a couple of clicks away. That’s why it’s not surprising to see the rise of remote (or online) learning in the midst of a crisis that forces people to stay inside the house. But how exactly do online reading tutorials benefit your child’s reading skills and their learning?

#1 Maintaining Social Life

Online reading tutorials for kids present the opportunity to come in touch with and regularly interact with people (in this case, with your child’s reading tutor) no matter where they are — in different regions and across different nations and continents.

Most of the time, it leads to a healthy collaboration while teaming up on projects, and it maintains your child’s social skills and health, letting them interact with others beyond their immediate family members.

#2 Easier Documentation

Online learning ensures that all the information, including training materials, are safely stored and organized in an online database. So if anything needs clarification or a double-check, both student and guardian can easily access these documents with one simple click of a button. It saves time and makes the necessary documents easier to find.

#3 Screen Sharing Simulates Classroom Learning

Screen-sharing technology is a wonderful thing, especially in the universe of online learning. Screen-sharing has cleared the way for a seamless exchange of information between tutor and student, regardless of location. 

Nowadays, all teachers and students really need is a great internet connection. Screen annotations are available, where instructors are free to draw, write, or highlight text that’s available on the student’s screen.

#4 Receiving Personalized Attention

In a traditional classroom, we’re all quite familiar with the fact that students sometimes don’t receive 100% attention from their teachers. It’s understandable because you’re in a room with 25-30 students and one teacher.

But this is not the case for online reading tutorials. Most students receive one-on-one attention. And because of the increased time they have with their tutors, kids develop better communication skills and problem-solving abilities.

1:1 setting fosters self-paced learning, where your kids aren’t under peer pressure to know the meaning of a word instantly. Instead, they’ll be more focused and perhaps more eager to understand a given topic, as long as it’s being introduced at their own pace.

#5 Flexible times

Traditional classroom settings are characterized by fixed times. Your child will also be required to work their schedule around these dates and timings. Online classes give kids and their parents a better say in terms of choosing their class timings, allowing for greater flexibility, so your kids can devote their time to other tasks outside of a textbook as well.

Reading Preserves Learning and Further Development

Never allow your child to let up on reading. Reading to your kids, and making sure that they continue to read (in the midst of a crisis and in any situation) is a great way to facilitate learning. It also helps preserve skills they might have acquired before the crisis. Reading does wonders for influencing your children’s vocabulary and language development. But more importantly, reading is the foundation for learning.

To support your child’s learning and your family, the Dicker Reading program now deploys its successful methods through 1-on-1 virtual tutoring via Zoom. The same awesome tutors working in the reading center will be responsible for the Live Online tutoring sessions. All of our reading tutors are fully versed and trained in the Dicker Reading Method.

A 3rd grader’s reading capabilities predict the future of their own academic success in the future. Among all other things that are important in the middle of a crisis is your child’s learning. Don’t let it slip you by.

Dicker Reading Method program is now online, learn more about online reading tutoring now!


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