4 Tips To Make Sure That Reading Is No Longer A Struggle For Your Child

If your child is having difficulty with reading, it is important that you know that you and your child are not alone. Because each child learns how to read at a different pace, the learning curve for mastering these skills can vary greatly too. Therefore, instead of parents focusing solely on the problems that the child is experiencing, they should use their time finding solutions to assist their child in addressing these problems with ease.

Here are 4 Tips to make sure that reading is no longer a struggle for your child.

Tip #1 – Build Up Their Confidence By Sharing Your Difficult Experiences

It is not uncommon for children to lose a certain amount of confidence when they are struggling with these problems. Especially, if the child begins to compare their abilities with others in their class that read exceptionally well for their age. To make sure your child remains in a position that will allow them to learn freely, you should start working on building up their confidence so that they can achieve their own goals. For instance, when you share the problems and issues that you encountered when you were young, you can begin to encourage them by telling how the ending results came out successful at their age. By sharing what you struggled with and how you became an excellent reader over time, you can make them see that they can achieve too.

Tip #2 – Enroll Your Child In Reading Programs For Struggling Readers

Do not allow your child to struggle alone, you should seek out help for reading by looking for resources online. Fortunately, for those of you who do your research early on, you are much more likely to find a wide variety of ways to help your child become an excellent reader. Therefore, if you are not the best reading teacher for your child, you can solicit help from online educational centers that sponsor reading programs for readers who struggle. By enrolling your child into these kinds of programs, they can begin to learn how to read in a flexible learning environment that allows them to learn at their own pace. For instance, the best reading program that you choose should be one that will allow your child to get one on one attention from a tutor. Or, you may choose a tutor that teaches several children at the same time. This strategy may also complement and enhance the learning experience for children when they are reading books out with other kids.

Tip #3 – Make Reading Time Fun And Memorable To Support What Teachers And Tutors Are Doing

One of the best ways to teach the child the information that is difficult for them to learn is to make it fun. In fact, there are programs online that have specialized programs available that will teach children of all ages how to read including those who are in elementary, junior high and high school. To get the ultimate benefit of these reading programs for struggling readers, you should make sure that the programs are fun and engaging. For instance, when the reading program that’s used is fun, children are much more likely to learn quickly and with ease. Specifically, if the child learns to read by reading books that they enjoy sharing with others. In fact, once their reading level rise, they will also want to share their experiences by reading their favorite stories aloud to you.

Tip #4 – Focus On Accuracy First And Not Speed

If your child reads fast but they are struggling with words and pronunciations, your first step in making it easy for your child to learn is to concentrate on reading the words and sentences accurately. Although speed is a big factor in how well they can read, it is not a necessity for mastering reading skills. Therefore, you will need to be patient with the child and their reading pace in order for them to pick up the speed and their comprehension.

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