Dicker Reading Method: The Solution For Illiteracy

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Is there a reading problem in your child, and how would you figure that out?

According to a survey, 6 out of 10 kids globally suffer from some reading difficulty, and around 10% of students have some unique learning disabilities. The cause might be due to the flaws associated with the prevalent learning system or the fact that they don’t get enough exposure to new words as they grow up.

While reading difficulties start early, they lead to a more concerning learning disability, hindering the overall educational journey of the kid. A child with reading difficulty will not only score low in English, but will also have issues understanding mathematical problems, scientific theories, and other related learning requirements. Thus, resulting in low grades and poor academic performance.

People with reading issues struggle to read medical prescriptions and understand technical jargon.

Some common signs of learning disabilities include:

  • Low vocabulary
  • Hesitant reading
  • Inability to understand new words
  • Inability to read fluently
  • Failure to recognize and spell words
  • Problem with phonics and sounds
  • Low confidence and no interest in reading
  • Confusion with similar-sounding words
  • Putting letters in the wrong order
  • Lack of focus and attention
  • The foreshortening of terms, omitting, or adding suffixes/prefixes to a word
  • No understanding of punctuations

The Current Education Scenario

The education system, currently, is not adept at catering to kids with reading difficulties. While reading challenges is not the end of the world, detecting these challenges early will help the kid learn better without affecting their self-esteem.

The prevalent system is not equipped to cater to every student’s learning needs for helping them cope with their reading difficulties effectively. Also, the stringent pattern leaves no scope for the introduction of new words and enhancing the vocabulary of the students.

Throughout the academic year, a student would be completely busy preparing for evaluations and finishing the prescribed syllabus. As such, there would be no room for focussing on their reading needs. What starts as an issue of stunted vocabulary grows in proportion and becomes what we term as “marginal illiteracy.” The kid now lacks confidence, becoming a hesitant reader and an introvert because of his/her lack of effective communication. Therefore, it is imperative for you to expose your child to a specially designed reading fluency program such as the Dicker Reading Method.

What is the Dicker Reading Method?

Dicker Reading Method is a highly effective learning program designed for kids with reading difficulties, helping them to read, write, and speak fluently by empowering them with a strong vocabulary. The involved specialized teaching methods enable your child to overcome his/her learning disabilities with ease to become proficient in the usage of words. A study reveals that special education or training can help up to 90% of students with learning difficulties to overcome those.

The personalized tutoring programs, implemented by Dicker Reading Method, are customized to alleviate the specific reading problems of each child, transforming him/her into a fluent reader in a short time. With the effective methods, your child can achieve a remarkable vocabulary — equivalent to that of 3-6 years — in just a single year. The tutoring program has already helped over 10,000 children to learn new words, read better and faster with greater fluency and comprehension.

Dicker Reading Method Vs. Traditional Methods – What is the difference?

Traditional classroom learning methods don’t introduce a sufficient vocabulary for your child–the main reason behind the majority of their reading problems. Dicker Reading Method scores over traditional methods by imparting remarkably stronger vocabulary in kids to improve them into fluent readers.

At Dicker Reading Method, your kid will get the individual attention he/she requires to excel in reading abilities. Unlike the traditional approach, you will be able to see around 3-6 years worth of improvement in just one year.

Irrespective of the kid’s reading level, he/she will be able to learn around 15-30 new words every day and also be able to read an entire book with greater ease.

There will be a considerable difference in the confidence level and the self-esteem of your kid about reading and vocabulary. The child will be able to use more complex and challenging words with extreme ease and flair.

While traditional schooling focuses only on the students, in the Dicker Reading Method, parents are also provided with training to reinforce their child’s learning process in a nurturing way.

The results are very evident, and every kid, irrespective of the learning disability, can show visible improvement in their reading skills.


Almost every student looks forward to learning new things. However, it is the education system and, sometimes, their learning difficulties that pull them back and break their confidence. What starts as hesitation progresses to a more concerning marginal illiteracy problem, which then breaks their self-confidence to a great extent.

The truth is: reading disability is curable and can be overcome with customized and streamlined approaches. One has to understand that reading disability is not a stand-alone problem, as commonly perceived. It is a combination of spatial processing, auditory processing, memory, logical comprehension, and overall attention span. Only when all of these are addressed together, one will be able to solve this issue effectively.

With the Dicker Reading Method, you will be able to achieve all the above and get visible and definitive results in a short span of time.

Dicker Reading Method program is now online, discover the benefits of live online reading tutoring now!


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