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Early reading struggles can badly damage a child’s attitude about school. Additionally, while the first few years of school are focused on learning to read, by around 3rd grade, your child will need to be able to read to learn. If the first reading experiences are negative, it can impact your child’s future.

Phonics Training For Early Reading Success

One of the challenges of using phonics for kindergarten students is that sounding out words actually means that you need to say things out loud, hear how they sound when you say them, and put those sounds together. In a large classroom of 20 or more children, your child may not be able to hear themselves.

Additionally, the study of phonics can be challenging because there are words that look like other words but sound quite different. Rule and school are great examples of this, as are good and would.

Private Learning, Personal Growing

With a private tutor and one on one teaching, the act of teaching phonics to kindergarten age students becomes a combination of call and response and may even include some drama. Your child will gain confidence in their ability to read out loud and may find that reading isn’t scary or hard, but a joyful way to find out about the world!

Working With A Private Coach

The Dicker Reading Method is designed to put your child in the presence of a dedicated, caring professional who’s ready to listen while your child puzzles through the sounds that they see on the page.

As they learn to recognize common sounds that are shared across many words, the art of phonics for kindergarten students really begins to blossom. Becoming aware of what letter combinations make what sounds is the essence of phonics. Because your child is working independently with a private tutor, the path to success becomes easier.


It’s said that the surest way to really learn something is to do it wrong and fix it. As your child gains confidence using teaching phonics to kindergarten age children, they’ll be able to speak in a strong, clear voice instead of worrying they’re too loud or they’re going to make a mistake. Everyone makes mistakes; it’s how you learn.

Your child, with the help of a personal tutor will learn 5 new words in their first minute. Talk about success! Next, they’ll review new sentences, paragraphs, and stories that contain these words so they can successfully find and recognize these words. As their confidence grows, so will their willingness to explore newly written material.

Never Too Early or Too Late to Start

The early stages of the Dicker Reading Method include learning to recognize small words, generally three letters long, that can trip up a beginning reader if they’re not solid on what those words mean and how they sound. With their tutor, struggling readers will learn to solidly manage those words each time they encounter them and move forward in confidence.

Laying the Groundwork

No matter how long your child has studied, the first project they’ll undertake with the Dicker Reading Method is in small word recognition. The promise is five words in one minute. For children who have struggled with reading or who dread the thought of having to read out loud, this opportunity is critical. From their first session with their private reading tutor, they will immediately develop a successful skill.

Don’t Wait

Sadly, it’s often the quiet children who are struggling who are able to get the help they need in a large classroom. If your child is struggling to read and doesn’t have the confidence to ask for help, they may not get the attention they desperately need in those early years of school, setting them up for unhappiness and struggle in each grade to come.

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