How A Specialized Reading Program Can Help Kids With Learning Disabilities

Many students with learning disabilities can find learning to read to be a frustrating task. Many have suggested that it’s similar to looking at a code that you can’t decipher. This can often lead to them missing out on the benefits of reading, which many studies have shown to be significant. Because of that, a specialized reading program may be able to help the student. This is a type of learning disabilities tutoring that breaks down the process of learning how to read into easily digestible chunks. This is an area which Dicker Reading has shown a significant amount of potential. 

Challenges Affecting Students With Learning Disabilities

In many cases, students with learning disabilities will need a personalized approach to helping them on their journey. This is something that many schools and educational institutions may not be able to provide, which results in these children often being left behind. However, this is where learning disabilities tutoring shines, as it emphasizes the specific challenges that a student is facing when learning how to read. By doing so, it allows tutors to create a strategy that allows them to overcome this.

Research indicates that reading can have quite a considerable amount of benefits for children with learning disabilities. One of the more prominent of these that it can help encourage increased brain activity. This increased activity can be beneficial long-term, and can often be an encouraging milestone for many parents. However, much of this was seen after prolonged and specialized tutoring. The primary reason behind this is that many of these students will require more direction and support when learning to read. 

Brain-Changing Results

Many learning disability students suffer from a lack of communication between the left part of the brain and the right part. However, learning disabilities tutoring that focuses on specialized reading can help minimize much of this. This has primarily been seeing through the growth in brain cells and brain volume that can be seen after completing the tutoring. This has only been shown after a prolonged period of these classes, with many highlighting that it can be seen after a year of undergoing the lessons. This growth can be somewhat continual after more than a years worth of specialized tutoring.

The likes of speed reading is an effective reading strategy for people with Dyslexia and ADHD. This is because sufferers of both illnesses use the right hemisphere more than they use their left. In contrast to reading at a regular speed, speed reading takes place on the right side of the brain, which allows them to overcome many of the challenges that they would have otherwise.  

How Reading Classes May Help Students

Many people would assume that one-on-one mentoring would be the optimal way to teach students with learning difficulties. As Dicker Reading and many others have found out, however, this may not be the case. In contrast, many students may see more rewards when learning to read in small groups. Much of this can be attributed to the social aspect of the classes, as well as the fact that many students may also end up helping each other and offering tips that helped them.

There have been two aspects that have been used to make this teaching process effective. The first of these is direct instruction, where a tutor will teach in a direct manner that’s more straight-forward than many other approaches. This can normally include a drill/repetition/practice approach. However, many tutors will also use what is known as strategic instruction. This is where they’ll encourage students to come up with a strategy, or plan, to tackle a particular text.

The approach involves searching for patterns in words and overall texts while looking for the overall theme in these passages. Once students learn these strategies, they can begin applying them to smaller texts and tasks that they may come across. By doing so, it can make for a more efficient way of decoding a text.

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