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You may or may not have known, but a sad fact of life in the United States is that 60 percent of students are not reading with a deep enough comprehension to be able to synthesize information from two or more articles and create new ideas from what they have read. Most can barely understand the surface level facts of an article or text that is on grade level. What this reading struggle leads to is low grades in test scores at school, causes anxiety and makes them not want to read. And when they don’t want to read, they are not getting the very practice they need in order to improve their vocabulary and become a better reader and learner.

Many students are aware that they cannot read competently on grade level and try to hide this fact from their parents, teachers, and peers. Parents likely see the first signs of a problem when their children don’t want to read, get poor grades in school, or don’t want to go to school. It is at this point that many parents look online for “tutoring centers near me.”

Proven, Research-Based, and Results-Oriented

How would you like to find a reading tutoring center that has a track record of 10,000 happy students and parents who have seen an increase in three to six grade levels of reading in just one year? How would you like to find tutoring services where a key philosophy is that an important part of reading is that it be fun? How would you like to find reading tutoring services that are recommended by the Board of Education of the City of New York to be effective and engaging? At Dicker Reading, all of that and more is true of our program.

kid reading widepaper minBegins With Evaluation –

When you come to Dicker Reading, we begin with testing that allows us to create an individual program for your child. Not every child has the same reading difficulties, so we do not try to administer a cookie-cutter program on your child that is hit or miss. We use research-based methods that deal with the issues your child is facing as a reader, whether that be poor comprehension, lack of fluency, low vocabulary, poor decoding skills, inability to grasp the main idea and key points, or even lack of motivation. We also help students who have special needs, such as dyslexic students, students with autism, ADD/ADHD, or other learning disabilities.

Why Pre-K and K?

In the past several years, research has emphasized that students are capable of and need to be able to gain letter and alphabet awareness to begin reading in preschool, rather than waiting until kindergarten. Teaching ‘how to read’ is indeed rocket science, and many teachers still do not have the skills they need in order to help students develop the word and letter awareness needed in order to become good readers. In fact, until students have the awareness of the concept of word, they are not ready to learn to read.

Dickerson Reading will evaluate your child’s current readiness to read and will create a road map for reading that will begin with concept of word recognition, if needed. We teach three to five year old students to read 15 to 30 words in their first session. When kids don’t begin to develop concept of word and learn their alphabet, they are going to fall behind quickly, since the public schools emphasize an increased pace for learning to read in Pre-K and K than most of us experienced as children.

Older Students

60 percent of students from 4th grade and above cannot read fluently and comprehend deeply on grade level. For this reason, many struggle in all aspects of school. This is the age when “learning to read” changes to “reading to learn.” Older students are often disaffected readers who do not like to read and often do not like school. The longer this pattern stays in place, the further behind the student gets in grade level vocabulary and in their ability to read grade level materials.

There are many reasons older students are having trouble with reading. They include poor comprehension, lack of fluency, poor decoding skills, and inadequate grade level equivalent vocabulary. Our program is individualized for your child’s needs. That is one of our secrets to its effectiveness and success over other programs.

Whether your child is an emerging reader or an older reader who struggles, or anywhere in between, Dicker Reading has a proven track record with over 10,000 students who are now engaged and competent readers. When you are looking online for “tutoring centers near me,” come to Dicker, the proven reading specialists in New York.

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