The ability to pick up a book and get lost in it is a real treat for many people, but for too many others, this pleasure is unreachable. In addition to not being able to read for pleasure, many adults struggle to read well enough to earn a trade or advance in their profession. Dicker Reading programs can help adults of any age improve their reading skills.

book open minTo Overcome The Discomposure

For children who don’t learn to read early, school becomes an exercise in frustration and probable self-consciousness. These children may feel left out of the learning process and spend their lives resenting school and education in general.

A qualified reading tutor for adults understands this embarrassment and isolation. Dicker Reading students are encouraged to get comfortable at whatever level they’re currently reading at and move ahead rapidly.

Our reading tutoring programs are structured for a fast-paced advancement that celebrates each milestone and encourages readers to celebrate these new skills. No matter the students history with educational challenges, we can help.


Adults are busy! Additionally, if you have hidden your struggles with reading, you may find that it’s hard to get time off work for a class that nobody knows you need. Our reading tutors can help you by working with your schedule limitations and helping you on the path to a rapid expansion of your reading skills. No matter how much work you have to do, we can help you reach your goals.

No Age Limit

Whether you’re active in the working world or fully retired, we can help you find a reading tutor for adults that can help build this crucial skill. In fact, if reading has been a struggle all your life, seniors may find that working with a tutor is an excellent way to build brain plasticity and stay intellectually nimble.

Our reading tutoring programs are designed to help you

  • undergo proper assessment so your reading barriers can be overcome
  • rapidly increase your vocabulary, learning many new words quickly
  • develop your own reading style that works well with your thinking process
  • learn inferential skills and study new words in context

Personal and Professional

The Dicker Reading program was developed by someone who loved to learn but struggled to read. The method was created by Al Dicker, and he took his experience with reading struggles and became a special education teacher. Now retired from the New York City school system, Al has opened private tutoring facilities in upstate New York.

You Can Do This!

Becoming a better reader will open a new world to you. The process of reading allows you to take other people’s stories and read them through the lens of your own experiences. Whether you’d like to gain additional education for your chosen profession, start a whole new career or simply enjoy the profound pleasure of reading for fun and relaxation, our program can help.

Final Thoughts

The first few years of school simply focus on the child’s ability to learn to read. After that, the students need to read in order to learn. For children who don’t make this switch, school becomes an exercise in frustration and, for some, embarrassment. You can overcome this history of struggle. Remember, you can do this and we are there to help you! To speak to us directly or know more about the program, Contact us today!

Dicker Reading Method program is now online, discover the benefits of live online reading tutoring now!


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