3 Generations of My Family Benefitted from the Dicker Reading Method!

A grandmother of a present client (and mother and wife of past clients) reflects on her experiences with the Dicker Reading Method over the past 30 years:

Three Generations Of My Family Have Benefited From The Dicker Reading Method….I Think It’s A Miracle Program!

In first grade my youngest daughter was having great difficulty in reading and phonics and lagged far behind her class. We kept hoping she would “catch up”, but she didn’t. When she started 2nd grade she was unable to read and was very unhappy in school. After only eleven months in the Dicker Reading Method, she was reading fluently on a 4th grade level, and from there she went on to constant academic success. In her junior year in high school the play she wrote was chosen out of more than 1000 entries to receive the NYC “Young Playwright’s Award”. She finished high school in the top 10 of her class, graduated college with honors and completed her Master of Fine Arts degree. Most recently she has achieved national and international recognition in her field. There is no way she could have done any of this without this phenomenal program! I would highly, highly recommend this program for any child who is having difficulty reading.

This amazing reading program also Taught My Husband To Read As An Adult. A few years after my daughter finished the Dicker Reading program, my husband decided to that it was time to do something about his own poor reading, which he had struggled with his entire life. He was left back in elementary school and became the class clown. Going into the business world was no easier. He dreaded having to read anything, particularly in public. With the Dicker Reading Method, he moved up five grade levels in just one month. Had He Been In The Dicker Reading Method As A Child, His Life Would Have Been Totally Different.

And now we get to the third generation of Dicker Reading Method students in my family. My 5 Year Old Granddaughter In Kindergarten Is Reading On A 2nd Grade Level With The Support Of The Dicker Reading Method. The progress she has made in just a few months, from not being able to read anything to reading short stories, is fantastic. She has so much fun and loves to read! The Dicker Reading Method has opened up new doors for her—she’s very confident and is now also spelling and writing!”

As a wife, mother and grandmother I can say from experience that this program is absolutely amazing. I am so grateful every day that this program was available to my family.

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