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The dreaded Scholastic Aptitude Test, also known as the SAT; just the name can produce anxiety and fear. The SAT has been around since 1926. Ninety-two years of testing stress! For students in the United States, and foreign students hoping for an American education, the SAT can make or break your child’s admission to college. Teachers often start discussing it as early as 8th grade. As a parent, how do you know if your child is ready? Perhaps you’ve heard of SAT study groups at school. You’ve probably heard that your child should study a little everyday to prepare for this monumental test. The College Board recommends vague strategies, but how do you really help your child succeed? The answer is “don’t go it alone!”


The SAT is arguably the most important test a student takes during high school. For the past 92 years, it has been a very important criterion used by colleges to determine acceptance. With more and more students each year choosing to attend a 4-year college, competition to attend a school of choice is at an all-time high. Most colleges and universities weigh heavily the applicant’s SAT scores, and won’t consider the application if the score does not reach a certain threshold. Many students who excel in their studies are shocked by lower-than-expected SAT scores. You wonder if your child didn’t study. Your child wonders where he or she went wrong. You both wonder if your student should have taken reading classes to improve his reading skills. You both also worry that your child’s future is at stake. Stop struggling and worrying. The best solution is to contact Dicker Reading for expert help with SAT preparation.


At Dicker Reading, we can provide your student with experienced and qualified instruction for SAT preparation. We have 35 years of time-tested methods to help your child succeed. Our reading classes are designed uniquely for each student and each situation. We provide one-on-one help utilizing specialized tutors to improve reading skills and SAT scores. Our tutors work with your child to learn new words and improve reading skills and comprehension. They understand what skills are necessary and useful in order to master the SAT. Our programs are exceptional, efficient, and truly work! For real-life, powerful testimonials, go to dickerreading.com.


It is time to let go of and transform the struggle you and your child face regarding SAT testing. Our experts know precisely how to study, and what to study. The College Board says “the more prepared you are, the more confident you will feel.”, and that certainly has merit. Do you or your child know what to study? Are you aware of areas of weakness they may have regarding the content of the SAT? Our tutors can help identify weaknesses, and create just the right course of study for your scholar. Stop struggling and stressing, because we can help! Call us today.

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