Healthy Snacks For Your Child On Your Next Study Session

Have you been having trouble finding the right snacks that are good for your child’s memory and brain growth? Well, look no further as we are about to tell you five healthy snacks that you can prepare for your child on your next study session to keep them engaged and motivated to in studying. 

Food has always correlated to how the brain functions and is an excellent factor in ensuring that our body operates at optimal capacity. We wouldn’t want our child to have trouble sleeping, develop poor memory, and have difficulty problem-solving. If your child has been struggling in reading, you can check out the 4 Tips To Make Sure That Reading Is No Longer A Struggle For Your Child to learn more about how you can help them further.  Parents should prepare their children and take steps to ensure that their child is well-nourished, control their attention, and develop concentration while growing and discovering their higher brain functions.

Why give them these snacks when studying?

It’s essential to have a balanced meal before they study and get a snack for those long study sessions to keep their help stabilize their brain and energy levels while maintaining focus. Eating these healthy snacks will give them more energy, a better mood, and an enhanced learning experience.

Eggs Sandwich

Eggs, in general, is one of the essential food in a balanced and nutritional diet.  According to Brain MD, they consider eggs as a complete protein that also produces vital amino acids that the body can’t create on its own. They are full of vitamins such as thiamin, riboflavin, folate, and B12 that the body needs in producing energy. Also, its yolk has carotenoids that maintain eye health and choline that helps in memory development. Why not prepare an egg sandwich that your child indeed enjoys while giving your growing kid the right nutrients?

Fruit Smoothie

A great way to keep your child engaged and full is to give them a cup of fruit smoothie that they can enjoy while studying. You can choose from various fruits that your child will surely appreciate as it is delicious and nutritious. Fruits are great resources for antioxidants that help in reducing inflammation of the brain. A healthy smoothie can provide your child’s needed nutrients while curbing their appetite while they read and study. 


Nuts are excellent sources of protein and fiber for your child. You can give them various nuts like almonds, cashews, peanuts, pistachios, and walnuts. Take note that walnuts have more plant omega-3 fats than other commonly consumed nuts. These are great snacks for when your child wants something to munch on while reading and studying. According to Healthline, research has shown that eating nuts can improve your heart health, which correlates to having a healthy brain. Another research showed that nuts could improve cognitive processes and prevents the body from developing neurodegenerative illnesses in the future. Nuts are a great option; make sure your child is not allergic to it. 

Yogurt and Blueberries

A low-fat and antioxidant snack that is perfect for helping develop your child’s growing brain. The antioxidants in the blueberries fight against oxidative stress and inflammation, and some findings discovered this to accumulate in the brain to help brain cells function better. It also improves your child’s memory while the yogurt helps aid in their digestion. This combo snack will help your child concentrate and not have any discomfort when going to the bathroom. Their full attention can now be centered on their studies while having a great combo snack by their books. 

These are only some of the healthy snacks that you can prepare and give for your child. These snacks can be served before, during, or even after studying to nourish and develop to their full potential. It is up to the parents to support their children through their developmental years, and The Dicker Reading Method is here to help you build the strong foundations in your child’s reading journey. You can learn more about this on how The Dicker Reading strengthens children’s foundation with its reading program for kindergarteners. We are rooting for your child’s brilliant and healthy development! 


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