Why Your Kids Need Reading Tutorials

Kindergarten is a magical time for a child with meeting new friends and learning new things. Yet, for some, that first year of school can be demanding. Learning to read for the first time can be a daunting task, yet it doesn’t have to be. There are several reasons why reading tutorials for kindergarten can help ease your mind and help your child.

A Nurturing Environment

The role that the learning environment plays in a child’s learning success is an accepted fact. At the Dicker Learning Center, reading experts strive to provide a positive, nurturing environment that makes learning possible and fun.

One way to achieve such an environment is to use one-on-one tutorials. Your student will benefit from receiving all of the instructor’s undivided attention. This focus on individual learning won’t be found in the typical classroom where students have to compete to learn.

Instead, the Dicker Method focuses on your child’s progress with reading. Learning does not have to be a chore. What’s even better, it can be fun. By focusing on your child’s individual progress, the stress to perform is removed and opens your child up to further learning.

Reading Benefits

What does such a nurturing learning environment encourage? At the Dicker Learning Center, your child will grow in reading fluency and comprehension. Over 10,000 students can testify to the success of this method.

In fact, students have been known to advance several grade levels in their reading in one year. Even more, at the end of the first reading tutorial for kindergarten, your child will have read his or her first book.

In addition to reading fluency and comprehension, your child will strengthen his or her skills with phonics. Also, he or she will increase his or her vocabulary. For example, your child will learn 5 new words within the first minute on the first day.

Not only will your student, learn to recognize these words, but he or she will know the meaning of each new word, as well. In fact, as a part of the reading tutorial for kindergarten, your child will learn 15-30 new words in each session.

Social Benefits

Not only does reading tutorials from The Dicker Learning Center prepare your student for success academically, but it also helps him or her emotionally and socially, as well. The success he or she experiences from growing his or her reading skills will help build confidence.

Reading a book in the first session sets your child up for further success. It teaches him or that he or she can read successfully. This feeling of accomplishment will translate over to other areas in his or her life.

It’s this confidence that your child needs to take on more complex tasks. It’s this positive mindset that will serve your child more and more as he or she gets older. Even students that suffer from dyslexia and ADD/ ADHD can experience this pride in himself or herself with the Dicker Method. It works for all students.

Benefits of Beginning Tutorials in Kindergarten

This mindset for success is crucial during kindergarten. A child’s performance during his or her first years in school determines his or her success later on. By starting your child’s education off on the right foot will propel him or her through the school years.

This is because this method will give your child a leg up. He or she will be ahead in his or her reading levels. If continued, he or she will continue to make gains each year. Your child will be ahead of the learning curve as his or her learning grows exponentially.

And all of this begins with a reading tutorial for kindergarten. It’s important to begin your child’s educational journey on the right foot. Even more important is to continue to propel your child’s progress yearly. The Dicker Learning Center can help you achieve this success in reading for your child.

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