ADHD and Its Impact On Your Child’s Reading

The Challenge Of ADHD And Learning To Read

One of the biggest challenges for both teachers and parents of children with ADHD also known as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Dyslexia is teaching and developing their reading skills. Reading as with other primary education subjects such as math, english, etc.. requires a certain level of concentration that the disorder affects.

This article is intended to inform and educate you on the challenges you may face and some tips on how to overcome them. Reading is a very important factor when a child is in the development stages of building comprehensive skills as well as their overall confidence levels in regard to their reading abilities therefore learning disabilities tutoring skills is very important

As a rule children begin learning how to read in Kindergarten through the 2nd grade. By the time they reach the 3rd grade they should be on track for reading to learn and begin to pull meaning from and comprehend the information they read.

At this time they are become independent – learning and teaching themselves – which should improve with every year of education from this point on. Children with ADHD may have a problem with word and sound recognition. Overcoming this issue is possible with some specific tactics designed to assist the child.

ADHD and Dyslexia Tutoring Greenville Best Tips

Here are some of the practices you can use to help your child progress their reading and comprehension skills when doing learning disabilities tutoring.

Read outloud to them as they follow along – Children listen better than they read so for them to hear your voice while looking at the text will help them comprehend the words on the page better. Reading short stories and chapters is best.

Ask the child what they think will happen next – This keeps the child engaged and challenges them to be correct which requires concentration, thinking and focus.

Have the child take notes – Many people with ADHD are very visual, so notes, index cards, etc… helps them to comprehend better with the tools provided by note taking, highlighting, graphs, drawings and so on.

Have them practice reading between the lines – When something is implied yet incomplete in context, asking the child to tell you what they think that means stimulates their minds to a point where they have to figure out what was said and what was meant so you know that they are fully understanding what is being read.

Start a book club with their friends – This is a great way to make a social event out of your child’s education. When their own peers share their thoughts and ideas it will expand their own understanding of what they are reading. This can also be enhanced with the children drawing about what they read or acting it out in mini skits for a fun experience.

You can try one or all of these strategies out with the child and then after utilizing some or all of them have the child select which tactics he or she prefers and continue to use them for future reading skill development. Dyslexia tutoring Greenville teachers have found great success with this strategy.

Another factor to consider when working with children that have ADHD in the early years of their education when they are learning to read you may want to develop your own books. A lot of books that were published specifically to teach children how to read have words in them that the child with ADHD may have not learned the rules for yet and this can confuse them. So by creating your own books that go very slowly and step by step with for example only one or two words per page. These books can be made very quickly and you can add or draw pictures that go with the words they are learning to read.

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