The Best Online English Courses for Beginners

If you’re an English beginner or a fluent speaker looking to advance their knowledge of English, we’ve put together some of the top-notch online English courses available on the internet at the moment.

There is no denying the value of language to communicate our thoughts and ideas and help us establish friendships, economic relations, and cultural links. Oliver Wendell Holmes, an American jurist, explained perfectly that “language is the blood of the soul into which thoughts flow and from which they grow.”

Without words, we could only interact through signs, and our impressions of the world would be shapeless. Language allows us to discern the unique differences between the beautiful cultures of various nations, regions, or societies. We should use language to describe our society’s different cultures, open our minds, and establish ourselves as beings.

English is the second most commonly spoken language globally and is an integral part of almost every existence area. It is the international basis of contact for industry, science, information technology, and even entertainment. English-speaking individuals are widely sought after internationally, and English has become an unavoidable prerequisite in various technical fields.

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These are five English courses online well-suited for beginners that you might want to check out!

English course – beginner’s level | John Academy

John Academy is renowned for awarding body approved courses validated by CPD Qualifications Criteria and CiQ, including this beginner’s English course covering 6 modules. The course was given by a native English-speaking instructor, covering topics such as the English alphabet, simple pronunciations, greetings, English numbers, and even giving effective tips on American English pronunciation practice!

There will be a detailed discussion of English verbs, adjectives, different forms and prepositions, adverbs, and other grammatical elements. You will also be exposed to some simple English conversations.

There is no prerequisite for experience or qualifications to enroll in this course, and it is open to all students of any academic background! Be sure to check out this beginner’s English course online to learn how to speak English fluently and precisely so that you can enrich yourself and improve your English career with confidence.

English for beginners: Comprehensive English spoken course | Udemy

Designed and developed by Logus Online, this online English course for beginners is currently one of the best-selling courses on Udemy, with more than 15,900 students enrolled and supervised by highly qualified teachers and psychologists.

This English course online spans over 66 hours of on-demand video, where you can learn more than 1,000 essential English phrases, expressions, and languages and how to apply them in real-life scenarios. You’ll also learn proper English grammar, reading, and spelling in English, speaking fluently at the intermediate level with American English pronunciation practice, and so much more!

You do not need any prior knowledge or experience in English to enroll in this course. All you need is a computer, tablet, or smartphone with decent speakers or headphones (to hear pronunciations correctly) and a positive attitude.

This is the ideal course for people who want to learn how to improve English accent and pronunciation skills.

Learn English Specialization | Coursera

Coursera is hosting an English specialization course offered by Tsinghua University, one of Asia’s most prestigious universities.

The course consists of four modules: conversational English skills, just reading and writing English 1, reading and writing English 2, and general academic English. Every course includes fascinating topics such as meeting new people, people in your life, emotions, cultural differences, etiquette, personal communication, all aspects of listening, speaking, reading and writing, and more.

Their conversational English lessons have been a great help to those who wish to learn how to improve English accent and pronunciation. This specialization also involves a hands-on project to incorporate all the new skills that you have learned in practice.

English for beginners – simple lectures, games, and quizzes | ESOL classes

This online platform provides a wide range of enjoyable and engaging tutorials, games, and quizzes. All content is free and easily accessible from the comfort of your home. The English course for beginners is specifically designed for beginners and beginners to learn English in an immersive and engaging way.

You will learn and improve your English skills by listening to lectures, reading exercises, and having fun quizzes and activities like American English pronunciation practice. These games will teach you how to improve English accent and pronunciation. All lessons have been divided into different themes, each of which covers a particular skill set.

Check out this awesome website for a detailed English course that will certainly train you to interact comfortably in English at the intermediate stage.

Self-Access Starter English Course | British Council

If you’re looking for an English course online that will provide you with the ability to communicate effectively in English across various business scenarios and daily situations, this course is ideal for you.

This self-access course provided by the British Council helps you strengthen your skills in finding and applying for the right jobs, developing interviewing skills, and learning how to work with trust in the workplace.

The course was divided into skill groups, beginning with an absolute beginner. Each level includes tutorial videos and real-life job scenarios to direct you through the theoretical course material.

You can learn key points in language and grammar and comprehensive vocabulary used in daily life. The level consists of eight core modules consisting of 48 self-study and review lessons, which will take approximately 20-25 hours to study.

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Today, the workplace has become a place of broad diversity, making contact difficult.

By investing in your English skills and taking one of these online English courses, you can easily strengthen your working life’s various aspects by interacting more efficiently and confidently to enhance your professional growth.


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