Why The Dicker Reading Method Works For All Ages

There are a lot of techniques and methods everyone utilizes to improve their reading comprehension but the Dicker Reading Method is the best one yet!

About 2 out of 10 people face a few struggles with reading. Reading is an essential skill. Reading difficulties bring about different kinds of trouble in learning areas, including writing, fluency, comprehension, and spelling. These difficulties create various barriers making it harder for students to ensure great school performance, which lowers students’ self-esteem.

A struggling child doesn’t necessarily mean that he or she isn’t smart, and as a parent, you’ve probably started typing “tutoring services near me” to ease a few of your worries. However, there are various reasons why a child struggles with reading, and you should know that most reasons have nothing to do with intelligence. Knowing the reasons behind the struggle would help you understand the root cause of the problem. That way, you can develop and devise various strategies students need to become a more confident reader.

Before becoming a skilled reader, first, understand the most common struggles that young readers go through. We have rounded up a few issues you should know about, which will help you customize a live online tutoring plan suited for them.

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The Top 3 Reasons Why Young Readers Struggle

When understanding the struggles of a young child in reading, recognizing strengths, and acknowledging their accomplishments no matter their weaknesses, they strive to become readers. Inspire them to be more confident and help them look forward to having a great future. You might have to go online and start typing in “tutoring services near me” or “tutoring for kids near me,” which might help you make a better decision on how to approach a child struggling with reading.

Some children have issues with decoding.

Decoding is commonly known as sounding out words. It’s when children know how to put sounds to letters to sound it out in written language. Meeting new and unfamiliars words is another reason why beginner-level readers have a hard time decoding. However, decoding does come easier with detailed phonics instruction and repeated practice by reading out loud. If you still find your child struggling, you can opt to do a quick search for “tutoring for kids near me” to ensure that kids have the necessary resources to help understand various English language elements.

Others can’t easily understand the material due to poor comprehension.

Young readers usually build up from letter to word recognition to vocabulary expansion to comprehending phrases, sentences, and paragraphs. Encountering something new to add to one’s vocabulary contributes to inaccurate decoding, which pushes them to skip ahead instead of learning proper comprehension. With blanks in between their statements increasing, the young reader has a harder time matching words and meanings, making reading a frustrating and challenging task leading to limited vocabulary.

In addition to vocabulary, reading also comes with the requirement of paying attention to the narratives. The ability to identify the gist, the main ideas along with the specific details, and even making their own ideas about what they’re reading is part of improving one’s comprehension. One struggling with ADD or ADHD can also affect one’s reading comprehension.

Students experiencing slow processing in reading.

The more the students read, the more unfamiliar words, phrases, and unfamiliar terms they encounter. Most of these young readers have a hard time understanding the context in which these new words are found. As students expand their vocabulary, they tend to come across more words through sight, which makes them go through slow reading. Decoding helps them benefit from overlearning new words.

Always remember that reading is a cognitively, demanding task. Holding so much information while processing text exhausts children whether or not they’re slow at processing. Building a strategy helps instruct them, which leads to most online tutors giving them additional time to complete tasks requiring extensive reading.

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An Introduction To The Dicker Reading Method

If you’ve already gone full speed at worrying and have been going on your phones and laptops typing in “tutoring services near me” or even “tutoring for kids near me,” then you might have come across Dicker Reading.

With a live online tutoring program featuring experienced and knowledgeable online tutors, Dicker Reading also has its own highly-efficient learning program fit for children struggling with reading. It helps them read, write, and speak fluently by empowering their reading comprehension by helping them expand their vocabulary. The Dicker Reading Method also involves a more specialized live online tutoring and teaching methods, which motivates your child to overcome his/her learning lapses easily and more proficiently when using words.

The method, along with online tutors’ help, can also be easily customized to fit the child’s needs for them to overcome their lapse in learning and reading. It helps transform beginners into fluent readers in just a short amount of time. This idea is effective in guiding the child to create a remarkable vocabulary. In addition to learning new words, children also read better and faster with greater fluency and reading comprehension.

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