How Reading Tutoring Developmental Programs Can Massively Improve Your Child’s Reading

So what is a Developmental Reading Tutoring Program?

Developmental Reading Tutoring Programs help to build foundational reading comprehension and fluency. Developmental Reading Tutoring programs properly assess a child’s overall ability and comprehension level. The program then “places” the child within the appropriate level. The program is designed to build comprehension and fluency naturally, without sounding out words or “traditional” methods which often cause hesitancy and do nothing to address fluency and comprehension. When your child is in a developmental reading tutoring program, a tutor makes sure that the child gets enough repetitions of the vocabulary words to the point of mastery. Once a child masters the word (both the reading as well as the meaning and use of the word) they will have achieved fluency.

Understanding the challenges children who struggle to read face

Children are exposed to new words in school. They are often not provided enough time or emphasis on these vocabulary words. Additionally, the traditional methods of “sounding-out-words” is used when a child reaches a word they don’t know. This is combined with phonetics to figure out new words. Many studies have shown that childhood illiteracy remains at about 34-40% of children read below grade level.

The typical class is introduced to 10-20 new vocabulary words from about grade 2 through grade 5. Students are required to “learn” the words after a small number of repetitions. The students are also asked to memorize the spelling. Lastly they are expected to “know” the the meaning for those words. However, school only provides about 1-2 repetitions for meanings. The words are then discarded by the next week where students are introduced to a list of 10-20 new words.

The combination of lack of exposure and lack of development means that the word is learned to be forgotten. When students come across these words in a paragraph or story, they may know how to read the words but they do not understand their meaning. Students also and cannot understand the words usage in context.

To compound the problem, when students come across words they don’t know – they are expected to “sound-out-words” using some basics of phonics. This creates a hesitant reading style.

All of this, either on its own or a combination of problems, leads to a lack of fluency and comprehension.

How Developmental Reading Tutoring Programs can Help Children Master Fluency and Comprehension

If your child is a struggling reader, the first thing to understand and acknowledge is that it isn’t their fault. They aren’t less smart than any other of their peers. They aren’t any less competent than any other child. Their hesitancy and reading problems can be overcome with a gentle approach. An approach that is foundational and developmental.

To combat the fatigue and frustration we often work closely with parents. Our Tutors instruct parents that resisting their child’s reading problem compounds the issue. The best approach to any struggling reader is to provide calm encouragement and love.

And – finding the help that the child needs.

A developmental reading tutoring program is a critical to a child’s success.

Once you have decided to hire a tutor, find one who can practice this developmental approach. Developmental reading tutoring programs such as The Dicker Reading Method will provide the following:

  • A Non-critical real assessment of the child’s reading ability
  • Placement in an at-level reading phase of the program
  • The necessary repetitions and reinforcement to learn 20+ words per session, read those words fluently in a story and comprehend their meanings
  • A tutoring program structure that reinforces both learned and unlearned words and provides the necessary repetitions to master those words before removing the unlearned words from their sessions
  • A nurturing environment, free of judgement
  • Reinforcement of learning through fun games
  • Builds confidence in the child
  • Builds a love of reading in the child

Developmental Reading Tutoring Programs Leave No Child Behind

An effective reading tutoring program will help kids master each word as they go. The program will be structured in such a way as to emphasize vocabulary words as part of each story read. In a well structured program, vocabulary words reappear and build. For instance, if you learn the word boy, you will also learn the words boys. Then the student will learn the word in conjunction with a verb.

To stress this repetition, a developmental reading tutoring program will not “retire” the word until it is completely mastered. For example, the Dicker Reading Method Reading Tutoring program separates “know” and “does not know” words. Each session, the old “does know words” as well as the mastered words are repeated quickly. The “does not know” words are placed into rotation of the day’s session with the new words.

This method maintains constant emphasis and provides enough repetitions for a child to MASTER the word.


Being flexible and understandable is important to deal with your child’s frustration on its problem learning at home. Remember that your child is creating strength as they work through their feelings, and your role is to stay optimistic, compassionate, and dedicated to helping them. To teach your child that they can work through hard problems, use motivation, and model calm consistency.

Moreover, you can try enrolling your child in a Dicker Reading Method which involves specialized live online tutoring and teaching methods, which motivates your child to overcome his frustrations in his other classes plus learning how to read. Check them out today!

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