Dicker Reading Method Phonics Tutoring Program

Learning phonics in the traditional way can be frustrating for a child learning to read. It can be difficult for them to wrap their head around the sounds and parts of words, especially when so many letters and combinations of letters make more than one sound. Worse still, in beginning reading, half the words can’t even be sounded out. How do you sound out “where”? “Were”? Phonics is very abstract, and can create a hesitant and disconnected reading style. For a child who has trouble with sounding words out, reading becomes an exercise in frustration and disappointment. At the Dicker Reading Method, our Dicker Reading Method phonics tutoring program teaches phonics naturally through our exclusive phonetics technique.

We have developed an exclusive phonics/decoding technique in which your child will learn five new words and their parts in one minute, naturally. Through this technique your child will become totally focused, concentrated, and “in the zone”, and will be exposed to 76 to 152 repetitions, learning to read the five words fluently. When your child sees the words in a story or sentence, they will recognize them and be able to read the story or sentence fluently. Our method takes the struggle out of learning phonics, and makes reading fun again.

When your student feels confident in their ability to write, feels familiar and comfortable with words and their parts, it will open doors both in school and out, removing the pain and struggle from their school career.


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