Dicker Learning Center Phonics Tutoring and Head Start program will significantly accelerate your child’s reading.

Discover how the Dicker Learning Center takes the struggle out of traditional phonics programs like children experience with ABC Mouse, while at the same time improving your child’s reading grade levels 3-6 years in just one year.

Start Now with the Dicker Reading Method

While phonics based apps and games such as Leapfrog, Hooked on Phonics and ABC Mouse have entertainment value, none can offer the Dicker Reading Method’s comprehensive system where phonics is learned naturally through our exclusive phonetics techniques, helping children to read where the schools, private tutors, study courses, and games have failed.

Entertainment games like ABC Mouse offer reading grade levels from Pre-K through 2nd grade. However, 3, 4, and 5 years old PreK, kindergarten, and elementary grade level students who have enrolled in the Dicker Reading Method learn 15-30 words in their very first session and then read their first book fluently. Furthermore, Pre-K through 2nd graders improves 3-6 reading grade levels in just one year. In that time, your child will master and learn how to read thousands of new words and or their meaning in a sentence, paragraph or story fluenty with full comprehension.

The Dicker Reading Method also understands the value of play when it comes to educating children.Through one-on-one, private, individual tutoring we will teach your preschooler or kindergartener to read, and put them on the path to success. Our nurturing environment is fun, easy, and shows that reading can be life’s most exciting game. More importantly, it works! Children in our program are reading at 1st grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade, 5th grade and even 6th grade levels.

Over 10,000 students have learned to love reading at the Dicker Reading Method. At the Dicker Reading Method Reading Tutoring Learning Center Your child will achieve:

  1. Dicker Reading Method achieves 3-6 years of reading improvement in just one year, advancing 1 year every 4-8 weeks.
  2. The Dicker Reading Method Preschool/kindergarten head start program teaches 3,4, and 5-year-olds 15-30 words in their first session; these young children are eventually not only able to read their first book fluently but to reach a 1st and even 5th grade reading level while still in preschool or kindergarten.
  3. The Dicker Reading Method will bring a struggling student to the head of the class.
  • My daughter Rachel, a three and a half-year-old, learned forty words in the first session. After four months in the program, she was reading on a second-grade level, qualified for the Gifted and Talented program for kindergarten in New York City, and scored in the 98th percentile. In the first grade, Rachel was reading at a fourth-grade reading level and developed a love for reading and school. In the second grade, Rachel is reading at a sixth-grade level and is currently finishing the Harry Potter book series.”

    Dicker Method Reading Parent
  • "She's now reading books, where she was doing three letter words on flashcards. She's now reading books, and I believe it's a first-grade level book, and she's not even in Kindergarten yet. So the DRM has completely gotten my daughter reading before Kindergarten."

    Dawn Pintora A Dicker Reading Method Parent

Does your child have a hesitant reading style? Do they make frequent mistakes?

Do they have trouble remembering what they’ve just finished reading?

These are all problems that contribute to a lack of reading fluency.

This Educational Breakthrough Will Dramatically Improve:

Reading achievement • Vocabulary development
Reading comprehension • Fluency • Phonics
Grades • Confidence • Self-esteem
Reading enjoyment • Focus and Concentration

Through Our Exclusive Techniques Your Child Will:

icon grad

Be assessed and placed on their appropriate reading level. 

icon stars

Learn 5 words and their meaning in just one minute.

icon book

Develop a fluent reading style, which will support their comprehension.

icon books

Develop the literal and inferential skills to become an outstanding reader

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Develop up to a 5,000 word reading vocabulary.


Solve your child’s reading problem.

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