When your child comes to us, you know how old they are and what grade they are in school, but you may not know what they need to succeed as a reader and a student. Our assessment process will pinpoint the level that your child will begin the program at and your child’s individual needs.

Basically, there are three parts to reading: reading the words, knowing what the words mean, and reading comprehension. Without the ability to read the words and understand them, you can’t have reading comprehension and you can’t have fluent reading. 

In our assessment session, your child will be screened to determine what level of word recognition, understanding, and comprehension they already possess. This will be used by our tutors to determine exactly where your child should start and which skills they need to concentrate on in order to become a fluent, confident reader.

After we assess the child, we’ll start them right away. We then invite the parent into the room where they will be able to witness the shift from “I can’t read” to “I can read.”  No other program does this. In just a matter of weeks, your child will make huge leaps, up to a year’s progress in a month.

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