Each session, the child’s progress is being assessed by the tutor. Upon the first session, parents witness the transformational shift from “I can’t” to “I can.” Parents experience the child’s results daily through real life positive examples:

  • Reading hesitancy is lifted as the child learns to read fluently
  • Parents see comprehension skills improving as the child learns to stop at periods, pause at commas, reads with expression
  • Reading and school grades improve almost immediately as the child develops a love for reading and school
  • Parent sees improvement in word recognition and meaning as the child learns 5 words and their meanings in one minute
  • Parents see improvement in writing, spelling, confidence, self esteem and overall attitude towards school.
  • Parents see that the child shows a desire to read more books independently
  • The parent sees the child independently challenge themselves with more difficult books 
  • Parent notices that the children ask more informed questions about reading, such as asking how to pronounce a word or asking what a word means. 
  • Parent sees the child’s attitude towards reading and school have improved greatly as their love for reading grows
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