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Student labeled “Hyperactive” no longer shows signs of ADHD

Dec 31, 2009

Posted by: Elizabeth Reynaldos @ 4:33 pm

Just one week before Karen’s first session at the Dicker Reading Method, Karen’s mother was told by the Board of Education that her 7-year-old daughter was “hyperactive” and “showed signs of ADHD.”  Her daughter’s first grade teacher told her that her child was “difficult and immature”–and even suggested that Karen repeat the first grade.  Karen’s mom also tells us that prior to her first session with Al and the tutors, her 2nd grader was having difficulty reading; making easy mistakes often and not reading fluently.  During the first session, Karen’s mom observed her daughter as she read fluently and confidently.  After just one session,Karen became interested in reading and focused as she read!  Today, less than one month since her first session, Karen is no longer considered “hyperactive”; nor does she show any signs of ADHD–all thanks to the Dicker Reading Method.  The Dicker Reading Method promises to cut out any child’s hyperactivity or withdrawal in the first session–and it does!

If your child has been labeled as “hyperactive” or “withdrawn”, contact us at the Dicker Reading Method to learn more about your child can become a more focused, confident reader.

Dicker Reading Method welcomes three siblings

Dec 28, 2009

Posted by: Elizabeth Reynaldos @ 8:30 pm

Christina, Brian, and Jimmy of Brooklyn, New York enrolled in the Dicker Reading Method program last month. Each of the siblings (ages 16, 13, and 8 years old) has already improved 2 grade levels! In each of the students’ first sessions, their reading struggle immediately disappeared and each student is now reading materials above their grade levels fluently. Thanks to the Dicker Reading Method, Jimmy, an 11th grader, tells us that he is going to ace his SATs in May! We, along with Mom, are excited to watch the progress Brian, Jimmy, and Christina make through the Dicker Reading Method, both in and out of the classroom.

6-year-old reading on a 3rd grade level!

Dec 23, 2009

Posted by: Elizabeth Reynaldos @ 2:03 pm

When first came to the Dicker Reading Method, Owen was reading on a 1st grade level. In less than a month, he has advanced two grade levels and is now reading stories on a third grade level. Not only is he just reading the stories, but he is doing a great job in understanding what he reads through our comprehension program. Great job, Owen!

Happy Holidays from the Dicker Reading Method!

Dec 22, 2009

Posted by: Elizabeth Reynaldos @ 8:10 pm

We wish you  all a happy holiday season and a happy, healthy new year!

We look forward to helping your child continue to achieve great progress in 2010.

Even parents can learn with the Dicker Reading Method

Dec 06, 2009

Posted by: Elizabeth Reynaldos @ 11:42 pm

Unlike many other tutoring centers whose focus is on simply teaching a child, we at the Dicker Reading Method know the importance of parent participation. Our parents are trained to reinforce their child’s learning in a positive, nurturing manner. Here is what one of our parents, Maria of Danbury, CT, had to say about the Dicker Reading Method Parent Training:

“The training was very helpful! I learned to be more positive toward my child. Prior to the training, she had been resistant when working with me. The Dicker Reading Method gave me the knowledge and confidence work with my daughter in a loving and nurturing way.”

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